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Company History

Times Event
2016 Launched XOFe series fiber laser cutting machine.
2015 Launched the latest fiber laser cutting machine and exhibited in TIMTOS.
2014 Launched XOF series fiber laser cutting machine and exhibited in MTduo and MWCS.
2013 Launched XO series (CO2 laser cutting machine) and exhibited in TIMTOS.
2012 Launched TLXN (CO2 laser cutting machine) in Shanghai exhibition.
2011 Launched big size laser cutting machine. (10m*5m CNC machine)
 2010 FAVORLASER's laser cutting machine entered Southeast Asia market.
2009 X2 successfully entered the market with high power technology 4000W.
2008 Laser cutting machine enter Middle East and South America.
2007 X1 (CO2 laser cutting machine) was introduced to the market.
2006 Got approval of CE, FAVORLASER's CNC machine officially entered East Europe.
2004 FAVORLASER's laser cutting machine entered Russia, Africa and Australia.
2003 TLX successfully developed and approached to China's fabrication market.
2002 The first time to participate in international exhibition.
2001 Established customer service center in Shanghai to maintain China clients.
2000 TLF510D was introduced to international market.
1999 FAVORLASER's CNC machines got approval of ISO 9001:2008.
1998 FAVORLASER started with high power technology 2500W.
1997 Second generation of TLF510D was introduced in market.
1995 The First Product, TLF, was announced into Taiwan fabrication market.
1994 FAVORLASER INC. was established and located in New Taipei City, Taiwan.